Music Outside


The resonation of sound is spreading, the closer I get I can hear the drums clearer, now I hear guitar, a bass, people are laying around on the grass, enjoying the sun shine, while others are letting there sprits go dancing to the beat of the sound of music outside, it seems like such a different experience when someone whaling on a trumpet out in open air & waves are gliding into shore, your suppose to be doing your daily bike exercise, but you stop because you are drawn to the the magnet of music. There is something special that it creates in the air, it draws us together, heck it even brings dogs & birds around. The energy it creates seems to fill the earth soul with joy & happiness, are guards are down, are worries have wisked away in the summer breeze.

DJ Rekha – City Of Bhangra in Vancouve

For bands or musicians outdoor festivals are a great way to capture a new audience , have a banner with your bands name on it, mention the name of the songs your playing, your reaching a new audience, allot of may not have herd of your band yet to have your audience remember you. Ask members of the audience to use social media to help promote the event and your band. After the set meet the audience you have already touched with your music, you’ll make a fan for life just by saying hi! Offer tickets to your next show, not only is it a great way to create a buzz about your upcoming show, but also a great way to earn income, you may want to sell CD’s, or other apparel. Always thank the host of the event & volunteers you may even want to consider even dedicating a song to there hard work and effort. It can create further opportunities everyone loves to be appreciated , there are many events that take place in Greater Vancouver Area alone think of how many events go around your home town or even if your out on tour, and what it can do for your band?

I’ve had allot of great musical experiences this summer & most where outside, Good for Grapes on a rainy St. Patricks day, Sasquatch music festivals 4 days of music where the view of rolling hills of took me back to the old western films I’d watch as a kid on Saturday afternoons, Bike rave on rollerblades, got down old school with ghetto blasters at Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party (DDP), Jazz fest, dancing Under a bridge and The Casablanca Jammers on the Beach.

The Casablanca Jammers

Ryan Zammit